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15 June 2020

While our annual Truck Show is still many months away, scheduled for 28-29 November, we wanted to give you an update in these uncertain and COVID-19 restricted times.

We are committed to celebrating the incredible contribution of the trucking industry and will be planning in the coming months to explore how we can do this differently should continuing restrictions prevent us from conducting the show in its usual format.

Please be assured that the safety of everyone will be our first and foremost consideration but we know how important this show is to you and our community. The Rotary Club of Castlemaine is committed!

Planning commences in July. Our first task will be to review the great suggestions put forward by last year’s sponsors and participants. We shall also brainstorm the alternatives in a variety of scenarios that we may potentially be presented with.

Sponsors – past and future – can expect to hear from us. Should something prevent the show being physically conducted we will be putting forward some alternative activities for your consideration or sponsorship can be rolled over until 2021.

We look forward to updating you with further news as we progress with our planning, or feel free to contact our Team Leader Kerry Anderson on 0418 553 719 if you have any specific enquiries.

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