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Author's Name: Terry Murphy
Date: Thu 19 Mar 2020

Suspension of regular meetings

Tonight (18 March) at the Club meeting, the members present discussed how the club should function in the light of the coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic. 

We are all affected by this virus, whether we test positive or not.  Today, the Commonwealth Government enacted a ban on all gatherings over with over 100 in a room.  Whilst we are well inside the limit posed, nevertheless, with the safety and wellbeing of our members and your loved ones as our primary concern, the club decided on the following measures.

  • Suspending regular meetings at this time
    The Board will monitor the situation and advise regularly on updates and likely resumption. 
  • Developing a member contact tree
    We will want to be in touch with individual Rotarians  on a regular basis.  At this point, Board members will make contact weekly to stay in touch.
  • Develop communications
    Through various platforms including upgrading the newsletter, using the Facebook page for online content including great Ted Talks and member contributions… and staying in touch by email etc. 
  • Explore new projects
    This situation is especially challenging for many in our community including small businesses, the elderly and those with disabilities.  We believe that Rotary has an even more important role to play at this time.  This will become a major conversation at the next Board meeting.
  • Possible outdoor face-to-face gathering
    We have not discounted the idea of meeting outside somewhere at some stage during the period.

Dave Tolputt

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