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PAUL HARRIS RECOGNITION is an award for exemplary work in community service or helping those in need. This is awarded by Rotary Club of Castlemaine after careful consideration and in acknowledgement by Rotary Foundation of a significant financial contribution by Rotary Club of Castlemaine. 

Paul Harris Fellow recognitions in Australia have been awarded to Rotarians and others that have shown that they are prepared to go that extra mile in support of people in need. It is an emphatic acknowledgement of the appreciation shown for tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among people of the world.

These awards have been presented to many outstanding leaders in the community, as well as to "ordinary people doing extraordinary things"

Recent Paul Harris Fellows

John Tozer
Gary McClure
Neil Francis
Lyndal McClure
Vic Say
Val Victor-Gordon

2021 Paul Harris Recognition recipients

Larry O'Toole

Castlemaine community member Larry O'Toole was presented with a Paul Harris recognition, the 14th member of the Castlemaine community since 1985 to receive such an award. Rotary Castlemaine has supported Larry and the Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre in establishing Autoplex at the former Castlemaine Secondary College site in Etty Street.
Larry is  proprietor of Graffiti Publications and Chairman of Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre. He built his first hot rod on his parents' farm at age 19, which was the first car he owned. He worked as a newspaper photographer and pre-press operator for the Swan Hill Guardian before moving to Castlemaine in 1973 to work in the hot rod publishing business with Eddie Ford at Newstead. Larry has written more than 13 books on hot rodding and related subjects as well as producing Street Rodding Magazine for more than 40 years. He has travelled extensively throughout the United States and other parts of the world in pursuit of hot rodding interests, and is now progressing to retirement, but maintaining his hot rodding interests through involvement in his business, the Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre and continuing to build his own hot rods.
Larry is committed to Autoplex, a centre being developed and incorporating the Australian Hot Rod Heritage Interpretation Centre, telling the story of hot rodding in Castlemaine and across Australia. The centre will also house training facilities. They are already working with Secondary college VCAL students and have just been recognised with a statewide partnership award for their work supporting the college's VCAL program. The submission outlined a range of student-led activities that were created to develop student interest in all-things automotive.
Castlemaine Secondary College VCAL coordinator Steve Carroll said it has been terrific sharing the site with Autoplex.
The precinct is a conduit for linking young people into the vast automotive infrastructure that exists within Castlemaine, they have also supported work experience opportunities, coordinated pinstriping workshops and had student participation at the recent Autopia exhibition giving young people an insight into event management.
Autoplex arranged the donation of a car for students to work on, and have had representatives come into class and discuss numeracy activities related to hot rods.
Larry says the interaction between the VCAL students and activities being held in Autoplex has been a real boost.
"We look forward to ongoing partnership opportunities with the Castlemaine Secondary College as we establish and develop Autoplex Castlemaine. It'll become a tourist attraction in its own right. And it'll provide opportunity for lots of people to train in the trades that are being lost".
"There is nothing in Australia anywhere that comprehensively covers the history of hot rodding ... and the early drag racing days." The site also includes a Specialty Auto Trades Training facility providing learning facilities and opportunities in the Lost Trades associated with automobiles.

John Tozer, PHF, Double sapphire

Following induction to RC Melbourne on the 11 June 2003 and being recipient of a PHF in 2011 then PHF recognition with sapphire in 2013, John and Bev made a fair dinkum “tree change” to Castlemaine and he was inducted into the Rotary Club of Castlemaine on 18 February 2015.
John hit the ground running and the following year was on the Board as Director of Community Service and President nominee. The next year, same Board position and now President elect.
He was President in 2017–18 and quickly showed his support of both local youth and the Arts with his very generous Board and personal support of the Castlemaine Circus.
Never one to rest on his laurels, since then, John has remained on the Board as Treasurer and Club Service Director resigning from the Board only late last year after suffering the Stroke that (temporarily ,we hope) impaired his ability to continue with the Board.

Vin Cappy PHF Sapphire

Our Paul Harris Award Night was scheduled for May, but sometimes our best laid plans do not work and this night is one of those. One planned recipient was away, so President Christine Barkla presented a Paul Harris recognition with sapphire to Vincent Cappy at our celebration of 100 years of Rotary.
Vin was inducted in 1997, was President in 2001-02 and received a Paul Harris recognition in 2007.
He has been a Board member many times in Youth Service, Club Service, Public Relations, Social Co-ordinator, but most notably, on the Art Show Committee for 21 years and Director for most of those, responsible for coordinating and managing us Rotarians as we raised many thousands of dollars for our local and International Communities.
Vin has been extremely dependable and has been a wonderful social agent. President Christine knew she could absolutely rely on Vin when he was asked if he could run and Chair our return to 1985 and celebration of 100 years of Rotary in Australia night! And what a great night.

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