2020 Truckshow update 16 August

While the world struggles to manage COVID, the Rotary Club of Castlemaine remains committed to celebrating the incredible contribution of the trucking industry on 28–29 November, albeit in different ways.

2020 is making its mark in the 32-year history of the Castlemaine Rotary Truck Show. Sadly, ongoing restrictions and uncertainty will make it too difficult to conduct our full traditional Truck Show program, so we are moving towards a program of online activities — and hopefully a convoy — to keep us all connected and retain the spirit of the event.

Rest assured COVID will not stop us from celebrating the trucking industry and fundraising for community projects!

Stay tuned for details of our alternate program coming your way soon.

Feel free to contact our Team Leader Kerry Anderson on 0418 553 719 if you have any great ideas to contribute.

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